Monday, August 10, 2009

"Behind the Screen" - 5" x 7" - Acrylic on board sold

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of my various projects the last several months as well as new ones currently going on, I felt compelled to return to painting small works again, and managed to find some time to create this latest mini painting. This kitchen window belongs to an old farmhouse that, sadly, no longer exists. Last fall, while taking my occasional backroad drives, I was eager to revisit the lonely house that I so often looked to as a source of inspiration - only to find a bulldozer sitting in its place surrounded by the fields, that, once so recognizable, now seemed alien and strange without the old withered structure. Even the drooping old willow that veiled it in mystery for God knows how many years had vanished along with it, as if the whole familiar scene had been nothing but a figment of my imagination all along. The house, the tree, the beaten down old shed in the back, are old friends never to be seen again except in my mind's eye. Like the namesake of its first portrait, it lives in memories past, a reminder of the temporary existence of all things on earth.

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Don Coker said...

Nice work, Andrea. I love the texture of the wall contrasting with the flowers.