Friday, December 21, 2007

"Windswept" - 7" x 5" - Acrylic on board sold

This painting is another result of my wanderings up in northern Michigan this past weekend. We were hit with about 12 inches of snow here on Lake Huron's coast, and standing in the very spot that's depicted in this painting took a bit of stamina, as wind whipped snow into my face and created waist-high drifts all around. It was cold! Despite the fact that winters can be fairly brutal in Michigan at times, especially in its north parts, there's nothing like walking through the woods after a winter storm has passed. It becomes so silent, that you can almost hear the last few lingering snow flurries falling amidst the sound of your boots crunching through the snow. Every branch of every tree becomes weighed down with sparkling white, and, looking around, you find yourself standing in a magical world where everything around you is alive, quiet, and listening. I'm working on another piece from this little excursion of mine as we speak, and will post it by tomorrow evening. So more to come. . .

You may click on the image for a larger view.

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