Monday, August 27, 2007

"Memory Keeper No. 2" - 5" x 7" - Acrylic on board SOLD

This is another painting of the farmhouse I came across last month up in Northern Michigan. To read more about it, please see my August Archive to read my August 5th blog entry on it, and feel free to click on the above image to see a larger view.

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Katie May said...

I LOVE These forgotten farmhouses...I have the uncontrollable urge ever since I was a child to stop, poke around, look in, feel the people that left it, and the people that built...The people who put the first coat of paint on when it was new and a source of pride...Did anyone leave anything behind? Was it happy house that just lived its life? Or otherwise...The funny thing is I rarely stop to poke around....Mostly because of trespassing laws...But I always want to, and I love these paintings of yours....I am always struck by these houses you see with little straggly bits of curtains hanging in the windows...It seems closer to life than some of them with vacant dark holes...ANyway I will be checking back! I love all your work!